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SafePal stands tall in the crypto security scene, simplifying crypto for newcomers with a full product suite, including mobile and browser wallets. Their flagship hardware wallet earned Binance's endorsement, showcasing their dedication to security, accessibility, and crypto wealth. With such an impressive portfolio, it was time to upgrade their brand identity and digital presence.

The problem

SafePal is a pioneer in the crypto storage game. But despite their groundbreaking products, their packaging and digital image lacked the vibrancy and appeal necessary to stand out in the competitive market. The absence of a distinctive brand identity and assets undermined their ability to connect with their audience effectively.

The solution

Entering web3 can be intimidating for newcomers. SafePal’s mission to make crypto more friendly and empowering caught our eye. We used that vision to revamp their brand identity, giving their online presence and packaging the same welcoming and inspiring energy that defines their top-notch crypto storage solutions.

The logo

The logo, a central element of SafePal's identity, underwent a significant modification. Instead of the previous black and white approach, it was adapted to carry the primary brand color. This change wasn't merely cosmetic; it was an intentional move to infuse the brand's signature color throughout its identity, creating a seamless and recognizable look.

Visual language

To give SafePal's brand a fresh and dynamic outlook while retaining some brand equity, a strategic shift in the visual language was undertaken. While preserving the primary brand color that carried trust and security associations, the rest of the color palette was evolved to be trend-forward, energetic, and bold. This transition wasn't just about colors; it was about creating an expressive and captivating visual identity.

In essence, this transformation of SafePal's visual language was about evolution, not revolution. Retaining trust while infusing dynamism, retaining recognition while embracing trendiness, and retaining security while embracing boldness – it all came together to create a visual identity that spoke to a diverse audience in a language that was both familiar and exciting.


Typography played a crucial role in aligning the brand's visual language with its mission. The decision to retain the Alibaba Sans – a font with remarkable adaptability across a spectrum of applications and 172 languages – ensures SafePal’s global reach and recognition. It also contributed to the brand's clean, professional, and approachable aesthetic.


SafePal's messaging revolves around themes of freedom, comfort, support, safety, and accessibility. The brand's aim is to provide a stress-free, simple, easy, and delightful experience, demystifying crypto for beginners. As a slogan and the website's hero, "Own Your Crypto Adventure" draws inspiration from "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories, inviting users to take control of their crypto journey, much like the protagonist in a storybook.
“Your designers bring so many mind-opening ideas yet tangible designs to the project. I’m very impressed!”
Veronica from Safepal
Made in collaboration with Unfold